Y Combinator

Y Combinator is the world’s number one accelerator for startups. The most notable startups from the program include Airbnb and Stripe. Y Combinator run two batches of companies per year. Check out their website for application deadline.

The winter batch runs from January to March, while the summer batch takes place from June–August usually. The demo day is an invite-only event for startups and investors and runs In April for winter batch and September for summer batch each year.

Program terms: 
They invest $500,000 in every company on standard terms. Their $500K investment is made on 2 separate safes: invest $125,000 on a post-money safe in return for 7% of your company (the “$125k safe”), invest $375,000 on an uncapped safe with a Most Favored Nation (“MFN”) provision (the “MFN safe”).

According to its site, Y Combinator invests US, Cayman, Singapore, and Canada corporations. They have founders who apply to YC from all around the world and many have already incorporated in their home countries.

Y combinator introduces founders to lawyers who can work out the best process for creating a company (or parent company) in a jurisdiction in which we can invest. Often, founders will keep their original entity as a subsidiary of a new parent company and the original entity will continue to operate in their home country.

Non-profits startups will receive a donation of $100k without receiving anything in return for their donation.

For list of events check it out here.

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