Toronto's Top Startup Accelerators and Incubators

Is Toronto on its way to becoming North America’s hub? The city has shown tremendous potential, but there are tons of challenges as well. These include talent retention, fundraising, and the cost of living for newer companies. Founders starting startups in Toronto need to navigate the ecosystem well to find opportunities to grow their company. It truly takes a community to raise a startup, so tapping into different resources can greatly help your company grow. As they say,

What got you there won’t get you there!”

Apply this as you reach the next stage of your venture. Here are some of top startup programs for founders and entrepreneurs in Toronto:

1. FoundersBeta

Building a startup with a community is one of the best ways to stay motivated. Accountability is a big factor! Additionally one of the best learning at a startup happens when you talk to your founder peers. This is way more valuable than going to a tech conference and connecting with an influencers. Get to know your fellow founders as they can open new doors.

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2. University of Toronto Entrepreneurship 

If you’re a University of Toronto student or alumni be sure to get connected with University of Toronto’s accelerators and incubator. University of Toronto has 12 accelerators and incubators with different specialties that can help you get started. There are also competitions that give out non-dilutive funding, be sure to check those out as well. For the complete list of accelerators in Toronto check out here.

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3. Next Canada 

Next Canada offers three streams, which includes Next 36, Next Founders, and Next AI. This is one of the prestigious programs that has been creating new ventures.

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4. Intuit Prosperity Accelerator

Do you have a fintech idea? Intuit Prosperity Accelerator is 4-month program designed to support GTA tech startups in their efforts to advance innovation and improve the financial prosperity of Canadian consumers and small businesses. Check out some of their previous companies to learn more.

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5. YEDI Incubator

YEDI is York Entrepreneurship Development Institute at York University. It aims to support up coming entrepreneurs in the York region for both social ventures and for-profits ventures. YEDI also offer startup-visa for those interested in starting a new startup in Canada. This works in accordance of Canada’s Start-up Visa requirements, YEDI looks for immigrant entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada that are innovative and can create new jobs.

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6. OneEleven

Where’s the tech hub in downtown Toronto? Some say this might be OneEleven. OneEleven is the perfect space for scale ups in Toronto. Located at 325 Front St. W in Toronto, this is where a lot of great tech events happens. Check out some of their programs for startups and scale ups.

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7. JLABS Toronto

If you’ve got a healthcare related idea, check out the JLABS Toronto. It’s a great facility and network located near University of Toronto.

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For the complete list of startup accelerators and incubators check out the Top 100 Startup Accelerators and Incubators report in Canada. Are you starting a startup in Toronto? Join the largest community of entrepreneurs here.

About the Author

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