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Fundraising in Canada is one of the most challenging tasks for founders. Canada’s landscape is radically different from its U.S. counterpart. In the latest report mapping out Canada’s Startup Ecosystem, which we released last week, there are more startup accelerators and incubators in Canada than venture capital firms. Canada needs more full-time entrepreneurs than ever, and funding at the very early stage massively helps the whole ecosystem. Early-stage funding fuels the next generation of companies in Canada, creating new jobs and economic growth in the community.

In this post, we bring you the list of Venture Capital Firms in Canada. This list aims to act as a guide for founders as they start their fundraising efforts and navigate the Canadian startup ecosystem. Each venture capital firm is unique in its thesis and how it works with startups. Check it out below.

In this post, we bring you the list of Venture Capital Firms in Canada. This list aims to act as a guide for founders as they start their fundraising effort and navigate the Canadian startup ecosystem. Each venture capital firm is unique in their thesis and how they work with startups. Check out it below here.

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1 IX Labs
2 Thin Air Labs
3 Archangel Network of Funds
4 Real Ventures
5 Diagram Ventures
6 OMERS Ventures
7 Golden Ventures
8 Round13
9 Alate Partners
10 Storytime Capital
11 iNovia Capital
12 Staircase Ventures
13 Relay Ventures
14 Two Small Fish Ventures
15 Mistral Venture Partners
16 Front Row Ventures
17 Good News Ventures
18 District Ventures Capital
19 Panache Ventures
20 Celtic House Venture Partners
21 Lumira Ventures
22 GreenSky Ventures
23 Northside Ventures
24 Kanata Ventures
25 Verstra Ventures
26 N49P Ventures
27 Cycle Capital
28 GroundBreak Ventures
29 Versant Ventures
30 CMD Capital
31 Radical Ventures
32 Globalive Capital
33 ArcTern Ventures
34 Mantella Venture Partners
35 Information Venture Partners
36 Vertu Capital
37 First Ascent Ventures
38 ScaleUP Venture Partners
39 BKR capital
40 Intact Ventures
41 Loyal VC
42 Stand Up Ventures
43 Paradigm Capital
44 Portage
45 Framework Venture Partners
46 Georgian
47 Klass Capital
48 Impression Ventures
49 Plaza Ventures
50 Ripple Ventures
51 Active Impact Investments
52 Mobio Technologies
53 GetFresh Ventures
54 Versant Ventures
55 Renewal Funds
56 Quark Venture
57 Badhouse Ventures
58 Launch Ventures
59 InBC Investment
60 Vanedge Capital
61 Pender Ventures
62 Pangaea Ventures
63 Chrysalix Venture Capital
64 7 Gate Ventures
65 Rhino Ventures
66 AllosteRx Capital
67 Accelia Capital
68 Boreal Ventures
69 Ferst Capital Partners
70 Amplitude Ventures
71 Version One
72 BCF Ventures
73 Luge Capital
74 Brightspark Ventures
75 Allied Venture Partners
76 ATB Ventures
77 Metiquity Ventures
78 Cognition Fund
79 Matbridge
80 Sandpiper Ventures
81 Northside Ventures
82 Garage Capital
83 Rogue Insight Capital
84 Ethical Capital Partners
85 Quantum Valley Investments
86 DMZ Ventures
87 Venture Ontario
88 Last40 Ventures
89 Build Ventures
90 LOI Venture
91 Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
92 RBCx
93 FirePower Capital
94 TheVenture.Fund
95 Facit
96 Telus Ventures
97 BDC Venture Capital
98 Toronto Innovation Acceleration Partners
99 MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund
100 Gibraltar & Company
101 Deloitte Ventures
102 Alignvest Management Corporation
103 Union Capital

1. IX Labs

There’s no doubt that AI is the biggest revolution of our time. IX Labs is the venture capital arm of Index Exchange that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage startups using data and artificial intelligence to solve problems. It is led by Mayuran Yogarajah, who previously led the Engineering team at Index Exchange. Mayuran also writes an editorial column on AI and startups for FoundersPress.

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2. Thin Air Labs

Founded by James Lochrie, who previously found success with the Wave accounting software platform, Thin Air Labs is based in Calgary and invests in numerous tech companies in the area.

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3. Archangel Network of Funds

Archangel Network of Funds is a network that invests in startups. One of the major funds is Phoenix Fire, an angel-stage investment fund that applies a systematic, disciplined approach to investing in women entrepreneurs across Canada. This fund is led by Danielle Brewin Graham who previously led the Fierce Founders Program for female founders.

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4. Real Ventures

One of the major accelerators in Montreal is called Founder Fuel, led by Real Ventures, a VC firm that believes in supporting founders from day one and helping them scale themselves as they scale their businesses. For more information on Founder Fuel check out the complete guide to Canada’s Startup Accelerators and Incubators.

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5. Diagram Ventures

Based out of Montreal, Diagram Ventures is a venture builder that conceives and launches technology companies in the financial services, insurance, and health industries.

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6. OMERS Ventures

OMERS is Ontario Municipal Employees’ Retirement System. OMERS ventures is a global early-stage tech investor.

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7. Golden Ventures

Golden Ventures is one of the leading seed-stage venture capital fund, investing across North America. Some notable companies from Golden Ventures include Wattpad.

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8. Round13

Founded by Bruce Croxon to address the market opportunity created by the lack of funding available to growth-stage digital companies, Round13 is led by Bruce Croxon, a former Dragon’s Den judge and venture capitalist. The inspiration behind the name comes from boxing.

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9. Alate Partners

Real estate startups are on a rise. Alate is an early-stage venture capital fund focused on real estate technology.

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10. Storytime Capital

Storytime Capital invest in founders who are innovators in the future of work. If you’ve got an exciting idea in this area check out their portfolio companies.

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