Waterloo meetups

Looking to grow your network in Waterloo Region? Discover the most complete list of meetups, events, and tech gatherings in Waterloo.

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Startup Laurier
Startup Laurier is an entrepreneurship club at University of Laurier. It aims to provides […]
Entrepreneurship Society University of Waterloo
Entrepreneurship Society at University of Waterloo is a student club that hosts regular m […]
Communitech is a government-backed tech hub located in Waterloo. It offers coworking spac […]
Communitech Sales Leaders
Meetup in Waterloo for sales leaders to share information, expertise, and insights.
Communitech Customer Success
Customer success peer2peer group for those in tech.
Communitech HRnet
HR peer2peer group for HR leaders in tech.
Communitech Product Management P2P
Product Management P2P is a group for product folks in tech.
Communitech uxWaterloo
Communitech uxWaterloo is a Peer-2-Peer UX group for those in tech in waterloo.
Communitech Marketing P2P
Communitech Marketing P2P is a group for marketers working in tech in the Waterloo region.