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LvlUp Ventures
LvlUp Ventures is a pre-seed to seed stage value-add fund
Caltech New Ventures
Caltech New Ventures & Entrepreneurship is the incubator at California Institute of Technology.
LAHacks is the UCLA hackathon.
Embark Ventures
Embark Ventures is a venture capital in Los Angeles.
Cleantech Open
Cleantech Open is the largest accelerator for cleantech startups. The accelerator focuses […]
Viterbi Startup Garage
Viterbi Startup Garage is University of Southern California.
Cedar Sinai Accelerator
Cedar Sinai Accelerator is a healthcare accelerator. It is transforming healthcare qualit […]
UCLA Ventures
UCLA Ventures is a community of UCLA entrepreneurs and venture capitalists that supports […]
Disney Accelerator
Did you ever think that Disney may have an accelerator? It turns out they do! Disney Acce […]
Launchpad LA
Launchpad LA is one of the top Accelerator in Southern California.