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Looking to startup a startup in Canada? Look no further as we bring you the most complete guide to Canadian startup ecosystem. This guide contains the complete list of accelerators, incubators, meetups, and venture capital. There are currently 209 startup accelerators and incubators in Canada in major cities. Discover the top resources and programs in Canada to get started.

1. Toronto

Toronto Accelerators & Incubators – 80
Toronto Venture Capital – 65
Toronto  Meetups – 38
Toronto Conferences – 21
Toronto Female Founders Resources – 16
Toronto Venture Studios – 9

Toronto is leading the country with the most number of resources. What’s interesting is that Toronto has more accelerators and incubators than venture capital. Could this be a problem in some ways? There’s no doubt that Canadian startups need more funding opportunities.

2. Waterloo

Waterloo Accelerators & Incubators – 20
Waterloo Conferences – 4
Waterloo Female Founders Resources – 2
Waterloo Meetups – 13
Waterloo Venture Capital – 6

Waterloo has most startups per capita in Canada and the ecosystem seems more balanced. There are currently 20 startup programs and incubators for entrepreneurs.

3. Hamilton

Hamilton Accelerators & Incubators – 5
Hamilton Meetups – 3

There are currently 5 startup accelerators and incubators in Hamilton. The city has a great hub for healthcare startups. The ecosystem is growing and its punching above its weight.

4. Mississauga

Mississauga Accelerators & Incubators – 4
Mississauga Venture Capital – 1

There are currently 4 startup accelerators and incubators in Mississauga. The city recently opened a new innovation hub in Square One.

5. Markham

Markham Accelerators & Incubators – 3
Markham Venture Capital – 2

There are currently 3 startup accelerators and incubators in Markham. Markham’s startup scene can be found at Y space. The city has been developing its programs to help founders build companies in Markham,

6. Ottawa

Ottawa Accelerators & Incubators – 11
Ottawa Conferences – 4
Ottawa Meetups – 5
Ottawa Venture Capital – 3

The most successful Canadian tech company came from Ottawa. The ecosystem has a lot of potential to grow but this starts with keeping the talent in Ottawa.

7. Vancouver

Vancouver Accelerators & Incubators – 28
Vancouver Conferences – 7
Vancouver Female Founders Resources – 3
Vancouver Meetups – 13
Vancouver Venture Capital – 22

There are currently 28 startup accelerators and incubators in Vancouver. Vancouver has a great proximity to Silicon Valley, but is it living to its potential? There are some great companies founded here including Hootsuite and others.

8. Montreal

Montreal Accelerators & Incubators – 45
Montreal Conferences – 4
Montreal Female Founders – 2
Montreal Meetups – 8
Montreal Venture Capital – 21
Montreal Venture Studios – 2

Montreal has a growing AI hub in Canada. The city has a great advantage as rental prices and housing seems to be cheaper in contrast to other parts of Canada. This is more likely to help talent stay in Montreal.

9. Calgary

Calgary Accelerators & Incubators – 15
Calgary Conferences – 1
Calgary Meetups – 6
Calgary Venture Capital – 9
Calgary Venture Studio – 2

Calgary is probably going to the next tech hub in Canada. Favourable housing situation, talent, and growing ecosystem, this makes a top destination to start a startup in Canada.

10. Halifax

Halifax Accelerators & Incubators – 5
Halifax venture capital – 3
Halifax meetups – 4

11. Saskatoon

Saskatoon Accelerators & Incubators – 3

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